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EC AgilityThe English Cocker Spaniel Club of Northern California, Inc., was established to promote the breed and breeding of English Cocker Spaniels. For this reason the club adopted the following ethical guidelines that all the members follow today.

In keeping with its goal of breeding the best possible dogs while preserving their unique beauty and character, and of promoting the best possible care and training of these dogs, recommends the following code, effective July 21, 1993:

  1. Members shall at all times exhibit good sportsmanship and always act in the best interest of the breed.
  2. Breeders shall strive for perfection of the English Cocker Spaniel in accordance with the official standard set forth by the American Kennel Club. In this regard, they shall:
    1. Use only physically, genetically and temperamentally sound stock, and will refuse stud service to any bitch that is not register able or shows obvious defect. They should study and learn the good and bad points within their own stock, never doubling up on a known or visible fault. They will urge buyers of puppies with disqualifying or detrimental faults to spay or neuter on their sales contact.
    2. Eyes should be checked annually by a canine ophthalmologist. Only English Cockers with eyes checked normal should be used for breeding. English Cocker Spaniels should be X-rayed for evidence of hip dysplasia at the age of two years or older, excluding from breeding any dogs without a written veterinarian certificate or with a rating of less than OFA Fair.
    3. A bitch should not be bred more than two out of three seasons, this depending on the size of the litter whelped and her condition. It is suggested that in most cases a period of one year elapse between litters, and no more than four litters be bred during her lifetime.
  3. Breeders will not sell stock without a true representation to the purchaser, nor use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising. The seller will make available to the novice the benefit of his/her experience.
    1. A buyer should be supplied with a four generation pedigree, with information on inoculations and veterinary care the dog has had, and with instructions on the care, feeding and training of the English Cocker Spaniel.
    2. A breeder will guarantee the health of his/her stock subject to a veterinarian’s examination within 72 hours of the sale.
    3. A breeder will not place any puppy before the age of 8 weeks, barring extenuating circumstances.
    4. Breeders must insure that an English Cocker is never knowingly sold or consigned to pet stores, wholesalers or other commercial dealers, nor supplied for raffles, giveaways, prizes or other such projects. Puppies should be sold with a contract requiring the buyer to obtain approval from the seller before in any way disposing of the English Cocker. Stud dog owners should share responsibility for the dogs produced in case of a buyer reneging on the contract of purchase. Puppies sold as pet quality should be sold with limited registration.

    If you would like to join us and embrace our ethical standards we would love to have you become a member. For more information on club membership please follow the link below.

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    Club Officers

    President: Yvette Sons

    Vice President: Denise Gormish

    Secretary: Debra Pitchford

    Treasurer: Carrie Bono

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    Debbie McClelland

    Hillary Arnaud

    Mary Barrett


    Cheryl Bernard

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    Jeanette Huneke

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    Sandy LaFlamme

    If you wish to contact ECSCNC please email Info@ECSCNC.Org
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